Yunos SCM Center

Yunos SCM Center (This page is same with Yunos Seto 2nd factory)

Comprehensive logistics center with Production functions

In response to the flow of integrated logistics operation, SCM Center is the starting point of the business with a meaning more than a mere storage place, and the facilities that can perform the process (set and finish) such as final assembly and installation as PDC (Process Distribution Center), also it can be used in conjunction with warehouse operations. In order to handle cosmetics, Yunos SCM center manage dust and temperature control to maintain quality in the processing process that complies with the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law.

245-1 Nagao-mae, Akaiwa City, Okayama
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〒709-0815 岡山県赤磐市立川字長尾前245番1  
TEL:+81-86-956-5155 FAX:+81-86-956-5160

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