Yunos Sanyo Factory

Yunos Sanyo Factory

Pioneer of wet sheet masks

Yunos Seto Factory mainly handles bottle-filled products and facial masks, a total support is offerred from product development to procurement of ingredients and raw materials, manufecturing, mass production, delivery to the last destination. We especially have a great deal of experience with wet-type facial masks.
We began the production of wet wipes in 1980, and by 1991, the production of sheet cosmetics (also known as sheet masks) was started.
Using our knowledge gained through the long history of production, we are confident in meeting your needs and demands with flexibility. In addition, the factory acquired ISO14001 and ISO22716 certification in 2019. We promise to deliver the desired products that are safe and highly qualified.

10-30-15 Sakuragaokanishi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama 709-0802
Number of employees
152(As of 2018/10/1)
Site area
Building area
Total floor area

Main products

  • Facial sheet mask
  • Point mask
  • Sheet masks with a zipper (5-10 sheets)
  • Bottle-filled products

Production equipment

Bulk manufacturing Chemical manufacturing pot:7 units 1500L:1 unit
1000L:3 unit
200L:1 unit
150L:1 unit
100L:1 unit
Filling, packaging, finish Pouch line(Mask filling line):8 lines Bag size:W80~160 L90~220
Chemical viscosity:2g~70g
High viscosity filling line:1 line Bag size:W80~160 L135~190
Chemical viscosity:6,000~50,000mPa・s
Bottle line:2 lines Free sample, large capacity filling(Loading:3g~500g)
※Can be filled from low to high viscosity(Chemical viscosity:~50,000mPa・s)
Automatic filling line Automatic filling line(For eye point cosmetics only)1 line
Laminated mask filling line with chuck Loading: 25~180g 5~10 pieces
Special assembly machine(folding type) Automatic assembly machine:3 units
Folding machine: 4 units:4 units


【Yunos Sanyo Factory】
10-30-15 Sakuragaokanishi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama 709-0802   
TEL:+81-86-955-8580 FAX:+81-86-955-8543

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