Creating beauty,
health and ecology

With enthusiasm, Taiki Group will continue to create high value-added products with best materials and highest quality for everyone who pursuits beauty and health all over the world.

We offer total support, starting with research and development on novel ingredients and materials, to mass production.

Using the combination of the new scientific techniques, substantial basic research and our reliable technical information, our products are surely reflective of our research achievements.

While foreseeing the next trends in cosmetic industry, we would want to assist to make customers’ ideas come through in reality by creating new value.

Over 700 patents

To become the leading company of cosmetic industry, it is a part of our business strategy to acquire patents as a corporate power to expand the scope of rights in both core and peripheral.
Our goal is to create “the one and the only” products.

Our goal is to create products that are loved by everyone

While expanding the global network with new innovation strategies that are adaptable for new eras, we continue to challenge ourselves by creating products that will please our valuable customers. Taiki Group's products, both our original and OEM, are pleased by people all around the world.
In addition to complying with legal and regulatory requirements, we have worked to implement cosmetic GMP (ISO22716), a new quality management system has also been adopted, and our production system has been recognized worldwide.


[Obituary] Announcement of the Passing of President and Representative Director
We deeply regret to inform you that our President and Representative Director, Mr. Koji Nakamura,
who had been undergoing medical treatment, peacefully passed away on October 15, 2023, at the age of 61.
We express our sincere gratitude for the kindness and support extended to him during his lifetime.

In accordance with the strong wishes of the deceased,
a private funeral and wake were conducted exclusively for close family members.
Additionally, we plan to hold a memorial service later, although specific details are yet to be determined.

As per the family's wishes, we kindly request that condolences, contributions, flowers, and offerings
be sent in the form of thoughts and prayers, and we humbly decline any other gestures.

In Memoriam:
Deceased's Name: Koji Nakamura
Date of Birth: March 9, 1962 (Age 61)
Date of Passing: October 15, 2023

For media inquiries, please contact:
Taiki Co., Ltd.
Public Relations Department
Contact: Kuma Ishijima
TEL: 06-4253-4021 (Direct Line)

For general inquiries related to this matter, please contact:
Taiki Co., Ltd.
Management and Administration Department, Public Relations Department
TEL: 06-4253-4021 (Direct Line)

Taiki Co., Ltd.

Taiki co., LTD. has been the victim of Cyber-attack (hereinafter referred to as "the damage").
Taiki co., LTD. has been the victim of Cyber-attack (hereinafter referred to as "the damage"). Recently (on February 8th), we discovered a problem with the file server of our internal system, and immediately took measures to shut down the network and the system to prevent the spread of the Damage, and then proceeded with the restoration work one by one, starting with those for which we were able to confirm effective backup data. We are also working to identify the nature and extent of the damage. To date, we have confirmed that there is no impact on our business partners as there has been no interruption in critical operations such as bank payments to them.
According to the results of the investigation to date, we have not confirmed that any customer-related information was leaked as a result of this incident. We will continue to conduct investigations, including those by external organizations. We would like to express our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and concern caused to our business partners and all related parties.
While we have been actively implementing information security measures throughout the Group, we will take further measures to strengthen security in order to further protect the confidential information of the Group, as well as the information of our suppliers, customers, and employees. If any new facts that should be announced become known, we will be posted on our public website:
We, as a group, will continue to cooperate fully with the relevant authorities in order to resolve this incident.
Tel:+81-6-4253-4021 HR&Management & GA Dept. Fujimoto/Nohara
We have newly released a page about "Our Sustainable Beauty Development, our SDGs initiatives".

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