Idea Proposal

Full support in shaping your ideas into reality

As a manufacturer of cosmetics and beauty tools, Taiki Group has been working closely with various customers to make their ideas come in reality.
While prioritizing customers’ sense of “security” and “joy”, we provide a total support starting with product development to production and delivery that appropriate for each customer by our knowledge and trained techniques gained over time. While foreseeing up-coming trend, we will coninue creating new values for our customers with passion.


  • commercial sample proposal
  • Branding
  • Design proposal
  • Marketing

Laws and regulations

  • Investigation of other companies’ patent infringement
  • Regulation of each country


  • Exterior Design
  • Formula Design
  • Tool Design


  • Safety test
  • Stability test
  • Microbiological test


  • Pharmaceutical registration

Taiki Group can provide solutions for the following issues



Want to make an original product

What we can do

We are able to make your idea into a product using our high technology and experience.

While complying with laws and regulations, we ensure safety and stability of your products.



Want to get involved in cosmetic industry.

What we can do

We can guide you through the process of product development and production in cosmetics industry.

We are able to examine what are the suitable markets for you in cosmetics from all angles and provide a complete support in R&D, production, marketing etc. We are confident in providing the support to meet your unique needs.



Want to make my products be “seen” by more consumers.

What we can do

We can come up with proposals for sales promotion products.

Our production does not limit to products; we also produce promotional product samples that would make your customers to want to purchase your products. Variety of promotion samples are available.



Want to create an effective beauty product.

What we can do

Product development is one of many strengths of Taiki Group.

We don’t provide what already exists in the market, but we are passionate about producing what our customer truly wants from scratch. We can provide a wide range of products which include skin care products as well as make up products. We are focused on creating products that are not only practical and functional, but also positively situmulate our senses, like touch.

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