Research & Development

Research base from basic research to the latest technology
"Research & Development Center (R & D Center)"

Research base from basic research to the latest technology

The R & D Center conducts research and development based on the basic policy of “creating beauty, health and the environment” by researching customer needs. Based on the latest science and technology, substantial basic research, and accurate technical information, we are working to reflect research results in our products.
Competition for new product development is intensifying every day due to remarkable development of new technologies and materials. We search for new ingredients, new materials, and make use of the latest science and technology to research and develop high-value-added cosmetics and cosmetic tools based on scientific evidence.
In addition, we work closely with related departments to gather accurate technical information and market information, and then quickly design and evaluate new products.
We are also actively engaged in joint research with universities and other research institutes to further enhance our basic research.

R & D system

Realizing high-quality product development through collaboration between categories

The development teams in each category promote research and development aimed at developing innovative core technologies and new products. Further collaboration will create new value.
In addition, we are processing the development of safe and secure products that comply with laws and regulations in close cooperation with our legal teams such as intellectual property and pharmaceutical affairs.

Realizing high-quality product development through collaboration between categories
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Development Department

Formula Development

Develop formulas for skincare and makeup products.

We create unique formulas that provides the sense of use and effectiveness, as well as functionality. Additional detailed examinations to ensure safety and stability to finalize the product.

Beauty Tool Development

Develop cosmetic applicators and related general goods.

Because beauty tools are important for the finish and texture of makeup, we are passionate about developing innovative yet practical beauty tools.

Development of New Materials

Development of New Materials

We are developing new materials that will be important in developing highly value-added products with high marketability. In recent years, we have developed materials, such as sustainable plant-derived materials, that are not only applied in the cosmetics field, but have been in increasing demand for cosmetics tools.

Sheet cosmetic product development

Development of sheet type cosmetics

We develop and produce sheet cosmetic products such as facial mask, makeup wipes, antiperspirant wipes etc. We are on a continuous journey to find an innovative materials by working with other partner companies. We are confident in creating the one and the only product that matches your needs.

Makeup Products Development

Product development mainly for powder items

We are developing products such as powdery foundation, cheek and eye shadow. We will consider the best formula and product design to match with the application tool. In order to reproduce the color tone requested by customers, we are particular about subtle color differences.

New project development

Development of new project different from existing categories.

Foreseeing the future, we are always excited by new ideas that may eventually form next generation core business of Taiki Group. We are willing to take on challenges on various businesses.

Intellectual property

Acquisition of intellectual property rights, formulation and execution of intellectual strategies.

We also acquire strategic patents according to our business strategy, and formulate and promote intellectual strategies to advance our business.

Pharmaceutical affairs

General pharmaceutical affairs related to the manufacture and sale of cosmetics and quasi drugs

For the cosmetics and quasi-drugs manufactured and sold by Taiki Group, we conduct appropriate pharmaceutical operations in accordance with various laws and regulations. From the planning stage of development projects, we also work with pharmaceuticals to design products that comply with laws and regulations.

Development management

New planning, development schedule management, etc.

We collect the latest information from the market and related industries, explore strategies to create new plans that will become the pillars of business. We are also promoting development project management and technology archiving.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Incorporating novel technology to explore further possibilities

In collaboration with companies, universities and research institutions in various fields, we are focusing on developing new materials and creating new value.
In addition, we are making efforts to “visualize” the sensuality of cosmetics and cosmetic applicators, and to establish evaluation methods.

Research and paper presentations
Research and paper title Announcement date Name of the conference / journal
化粧用ブラシの客観的な使用感評価を目指して 2018/12/25発行 日本繊維機械学会誌「月刊 せんい」
2019年のトレンドメイクと求められる化粧品 2018/12/25発行
(Vol.13, No.2 2018)
Joint development and research
Research / development project name Contract date Contractor
化粧原料としての海綿タンパク質の開発 1999/6/1 一丸ファルコス(株)
ヘアケア化粧品原料としての海綿タンパク質の開発 2004/12/27 (株)成和化成

Physical property evaluation of the materials
used for cosmetic tools
and overall usability evaluation of cosmetic tools


Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial
Technology and Culture

R&D equipment

We analyze and evaluate materials and formulas using various analytical instruments and evaluation test equipment owned by Taiki.
By conducting research and development based on scientific evidence, we have established a system that can respond quickly to customer needs.

Keyence laser microscope
Keyence laser microscope
Durometer(Tensile testing machine)
Durometer(Tensile testing machine)
Microbiological test
Microbiological test

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