Company Policy

Taiki Group CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy

Taiki Group contributes to the sustainable development of society through fair business activities.
Our policies ensure that we will strictly adhere to the laws and regulations as a part of Taiki Group and act according to social scale and ethics.

Taiki Group Quality Policy

Taiki Group delivers products with love to satisfy customers by creating values.

(1) We will deliver products that are filled with dreams of people around the world.
(2) We will create products that ensure safety and security.

Taiki Group Health and Safety Policy

Taiki Group will promote the creation of a safe work environment full of smiles.

(1) We promise to prioritize workplace safety.
(2) We actively support every employee's “mental” and “physical” health.

Taiki Group Environmental Policy

Taiki Group conducts “environmentally friendly” business and promotes global environmental conservation activities.

(1) We will continue to work with local communities and partner companies to prevent environmental pollution.
(2) We will utalize environmentlly friendly materials to reduce environmental impact.

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