Steps of OEM production

How original cosmetics are made

Being the top OEM company of sheet masks for local and global brands, we are passionate about making the unique and creative products that satisfy the needs of our costomers.
OEM products that adopt the latest technology and meet “Quality, Cost, Delivery” have received high praise from domestic and overseas cosmetic manufacturers.

How original cosmetics are made
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consulting・project proposal

We will consult about your project concept, target market etc. to come up with a product proposal.


sample development

We will develop samples as we discuss ingredients and formulas until the desired final product is made.


Testing and inspection

For cosmetic samples, we apply various testing devices to ensure safety, stability, and compativility, to strictly check for bulk safety before submission.



We will design the packaging and other related parts that suits your product concept.


phermaceutical application

Including pharmaceutical application, we will handle necessary documents.



We will set up the production line for your product including filling the content, lot printing, packaging. We are also available to consult about the production of promotional products, website and leaflets.



We strictly only deliver the qualified products that has passed all inspections.
Please feel free to consult with us about additional production or product renewal.

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