History of Taiki

1930 Koichi Nakamura (the late) founded a private company Nakamura Shoten in Kobe, to import Natural Sea Sponge first ever to Japan, and also to sell manufacturing tools.
1950 Nakamura Shoten moved to Miyakojima, Osaka, current registered office address.
1960 Nakamura Shoten was reformed into a limited company Nakamura Bussan and Kenji Nakamura (Present Chairman) took the President post as Representative Director.
1961 Started commercial production and manufacturing of sea sponge and synthetic sponges for cosmetic application, attempting to expand market in cosmetic tool and accessories industry. Nishinomiya Factory built.
1965 At Higashi Yodogawa district in Osaka City, newly built Osaka factory with the Head office function.
1968 Juso Factory built. to cope with diversification of cosmetic tool and accessories.
1971 Takarazuka Factory opened as a monument of Company’s 10th Anniversary.
1976 Sanki Corporation, incorporated. Opened an office in Ginza, Tokyo.
1980 For 20th Anniversary, Head Quarter and Osaka Factory were renovated.
1981 Osaka Factory obtained cosmetic manufacturing license from MHW(Japanese Government Dept.)
1987 Eluci International, Inc. incorporated in Hackensack, NJ, as the U.S. sales office.
1989 Yingkou Sanxi incorporated in Liaoning Province, near Dalian, with 100% of capital from Nakamura Bussan.
1990 For 30th Anniversary, Factory got expanded and renovated for further growth.
1993 Taiki Corporation incorporated.
1994 MHW approved Osaka Factory for Quasi-Drug product manufacturing.
Sanyo Factory of KENNAK built in Okayama Pref. and obtained MHW official License for Cosmetic Product manufacturing.
1995 Joint-Venture company SUPERTEX Mfg. SDN. BHD incorporated at Johor Bahru, Malaysia for manufacturing Lattex sponge.
Obtained an official MHW License for import of Cosmetic products.
Sanyo Factory of KENNOK obtained an official MHW License for manufacturing Quasi-drug products.
Received awards for our Development and Achievement in Cosmetic Tools and Applicators, from Minister of Science and Technology.
Received awards for our Development and Achievement in Cosmetic Tools and Applicators, from Osaka Invention Association.
Tokyo Office relocated to new premises at Ginza, Tokyo.
1996 Kenji Nakamura, President(Present Chairman) was awarded the Imperial Legion of Yellow for dedication to the industry.
1997 Taiki Manufacturing (Malaysia) SDN,. BHD., incorporated at Johor Bahru, Malaysia as Taiki’s base to reinforce total Latex sponge production.
1998 Sung jin(Tianjin) started as a joint-venture factory in Tianjin, China.
Yunos Seto Factory inaugurated in Okayama.
1999 Kenji Nakamura, then President (Present Chairman), received Osaka Award of Invention for his “Continuous Processing System of Seal-Packaging for Cosmetic Products”.
For 40th Anniversary of Nakamura Bussan, Taiki Corporation., LTD. launched as the core of a group of companies.
2001 NAKAMURA Europe S.A.R.L. incorporated in Paris. RIOLA Corporation, Ltd. Incorporated.
RIOLA Corporation, Ltd. Incorporated.
2002 Yingkou Sanxi Products Co., Ltd.built new factory.
2003 Acquired Delviel S.A., a manufacturer of cosmetic tools.
2004 SALON de SAITAN opened.
2005 Yunos Seto Factory, RIOLA Okayama Factory obtained ISO14001 for Environmental Management Achievement.
Kenji Nakamura, President(Present Chairman), awarded with Imperial Medal of The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.
Taiki Cosmetics Shanghai Co., Ltd. incorporated.
2006 Yunos Sanyo Factory obtained ISO9001 for its Q/A Organization Achievement.
Kenji Nakamura assumed as Chairman/CEO and Representative Director and Koji Nakamura, as President/COO and Representative Director.
2008 TAIKI Cosmetics Europe S.A.S. incorporated.
2009 Eluci International, Inc. changed its name to Taiki USA Inc.
2010 The 50th Anniversary.
RIOLA Okayama Factory expanded its facility.
Tokyo Office relocated to Ginza Towa Bldg.
Taiki Manufacturing(Malaysia)expanded its facility.
2011 TIKG Singapore Pte., Ltd. Incorporated in Singapore.
2013 Taiki(Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Incorporated at Sihanoukville, Taiki Camdodia as a production base of Taiki.
2014 TIKG Korea Co., Ltd. Incorporated in Korea.
2017 TIKG Korea Co., Ltd. changed its name to Taiki Korea Co., Ltd.
Taiki Corporation., LTD. merged RIOLA Co., Ltd. and Nakamura Bussan Co., Ltd. and took over their businesses. Kenji Nakamura assumed as Chairman and Representative Director, and Koji Nakamura as President/CEO and Representative Director.
Head office moved to Miyakojima, Osaka and opened Research & Innovation center.
Taiki Manufacturing (Malaysia) built Penang new factory.
Passed examination undertaken by the general incorporated association, Association for Resilience Japan (which complies with the Verification Organization Requirements from the Cabinet Secretariat National Resilience Promotion Office), and obtained the Certification of Contribution to National Resilience (Resilience Certification)
2018 Miyakojima Head Quater Office incorporated.
2019 Okayama SCM Center incorporated.

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