Message from CEO

Taiki Group Chief Executive Officer Koji Nakamura

Thriving to be a company that supports the global cosmetics industry.

Our business originally started with natural sea sponge, then evolved and integrated into cosmetics, beauty tools and containers. Today, we are still expending into new fields such as ingredients and raw materials. As we move forward, we intend to make production to be scientific and we continue to expand our business at the forefront of global trends.

Our mission is to create “unique products that are safe and secure” based on precise technology and skills that meet the needs, satisfaction and values of our customers. By doing so, we want to continue being the company that supports the cosmetics industry for everyone who wants become more beautiful.

In anticipation of the upcoming 90th anniversary of Taiki Group in 2020, we will propose new value creation that will give us greater partnership with the cosmetic industry while staying authentic. And, we will continue to innovate and challenge to become the company that is loved by all.
Thank you for your continued support.

Taiki Group Chief Executive Officer 
Koji Nakamura

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